Tatter Adhesive 8x10 Kits (three sheet pack)

Tatter Adhesive 8x10 Kits (three sheet pack)

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Tatter Bonding Adhesive is the perfect Fix:

  • Instantly heming or bonding garments and any fabric in minutes
  • Use our adhesive and your own vintage, unique or remnant fabrics to create one-of-a-kind appliques and Inner-patches.
  • Our innovative iron-free application techniques are quick and videos are easy to follow.
  • Iron needed before washing or laundering for more permanent results

Not For Super Tight Stretchy Jeans. Try our loose thread and stretch products. 

  • Comes with:                                                        Three 8x10 Adhesive Strips                               Two pieces of yellow release paper      Tracing Paper                                               QRL video link  

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    Don't trash 'em - Tatter Patch 'em!

    Made in the USA.