About Us


We are committed to healing in all its forms. Our products create stylish, sustainable solutions to everyday fashion emergencies. Our mission is to use our success to help women repair and restore their lives.

The Tatter Patch is about more than style. It's about a philosophy of holding onto things, of creating or revitalizing, rather than throwing away. As part of our commitment to this philosophy, we support Sojourner Center. A beautiful organization that helps women restore their own lives where once, perhaps, they had lost hope. It's our own way of helping patch the holes we see in the world.


Our Founder, Jennifer Fagan

Jennifer Fagan, Tatter Patch Founder

I'm Jennifer Fagan, and I have been a lifelong lover and wearer of denim. If you are anything like me, you have a beloved graveyard of booty fabulous jeans and jean skirts that you just can't bear to get rid of. You dream of the day some fashionable solution will appear to restore them to their previous state of fabulosity (and not make you look like a hobo).

One morning I was putting on my beloved $200 Hudson distressed jeans when I put my toe through one of the distressed holes and ripped them for the last time. After swearing up a storm, I thought, "This is ridiculous! There must be a way to repair this and make them look distressed." So, I went to work on solving that problem...and what a journey it has been! Initially I had a manufacturer distress yards and yards of denim, though I realized that destroying something to make something else doesn't sit well with me.

I began looking into various ways to create the look of distressed threads, and even built myself a loom out of PVC pipes. I was on a quest to find the best way to produce what has now become Tatter Patch - the first ever iron-on designer threaded inner-patch that you can use to repair, revive, or restyle your favorite denim, giving them a vintage distressed look in under 5 minutes.

Great jeans become an extension of ourselves. Over time, they fade, stretch, and distress in ways unique to our bodies and our lifestyles, reflecting who we are when we wear them. That kind of best friend isn't easy to find. With Tatter Patch, you don't have to toss your best friend aside because of a little extra wear and tear. Now that's priceless!