Indigo Denim 8x6 (Stretch)
Indigo Denim 8x6 (Stretch)
Indigo Denim 8x6 (Stretch)
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Indigo Denim 8x6 (Stretch)

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Create you own custom bohemian patchwork look or add life to your denim while covering a hole or tear with our Indigo Denim patch. You can never go wrong with our external fashion patches.

Design Hint

To get the most interesting and authentic boho patchwork look, use a mixture of the fashion and limited-edition patches.

Repair & Restyle

  • Covers garments hole or tear from the outside
  • Mask or enhance your hole or tear from the inside
  • Repairs garment from tearing further
  • Can be ironed from the inside or outside of hole or tear
  • Can be layered to create your own patchwork look


  • One 8x6 piece of fashion denim
  • One piece of self-stick double-sided adhesive
  • Two pieces of yellow heat release paper
  • One piece of tracing paper

Handmade in the USA, Tatter Patch leads the way when it comes to saving your jeans, your money and your look. Don't settle for cheap alternatives. Go with the Original!


Our Fashion Patches put you in the driver's seat of designing your own look. Available in a variety of materials, create a boho chic vibe that's unique to you. Sustainably produced in the good ol’ USA.


You don't have to be a DIY expert to craft a unique denim style that's all your own. Grab scissors, a pencil and an iron and let your imagination run wild. Once you get started, we dare you to stop.


Taking your jeans to a tailor can get expensive quick. Restore or create your own $200 designer look out of your favorite thrift store jeans. Don’t toss ‘em, Tatter Patch ‘em.