How To Use - Written Steps

If you are looking for video guides on how to apply your patch, please check out our video guides here.

A. Decide if you are removing thread or leaving some. If you are removing, cut out thread and trim any wild fringe that is around the hole. Do not cut all the way down or off, unless they are a long loose piece. Make sure you are only trimming down fringe around the perimeter of hole vs fully remove.

B. Create a a template using the tracing paper. You will be tracing two lines. The inner outline is your hole or tear. The outer line will be free hand trace, making it around 3/4" wider than the hole.

Step 1-Cut

A. Before Cutting, decide on the amount of patch needed. Flip garment inside out and place tracing paper over your tear or hole. Trace around hole, making sure to add ¾” around the garment area being repaired or restyled. Lay tracing paper template over back of patch, making sure to line up threads to run horizontally through where the tear or hole would be.

B. Cut out the patch size needed using template. To cut your corresponding adhesive to match patch, lay patch with threads horizontally over the smoother side, then cut. Rounding any pointy edges or sharp corners of patch and adhesive before application creates a softer finish on garment when wearing.

**IMPORTANT** To determine the difference between the smooth and waxy sides, run your fingernail over each side. The side that is less slick is the waxy adhesive side which is placed face down over the hole in your garment and the smooth side is for ironing.


Insert one piece of the heat release papers between hole or tear and opposite side of garment. Place cut adhesive, WAXY ADHESIVE SIDE DOWN, over the hole. Iron backing of adhesive on "high cotton" setting, no steam, slowly moving around adhesive for a full seconds. ​


Step 3: Peel

Peel off paper backing on adhesive. BE CAREFUL…. Paper and adhesive can be hot. Wait a minute or two to cool before peeling the adhesive backing off. This will leave a clear film around and inside garment hole. Wait another minute for adhesive to cool off before using fingers to remove any excess adhesive left inside garment hole or hanging onto loose threads. * If the adhesive paper does not pull off easily, reheat the back of adhesive paper again for a 3 -5 seconds (wait a minute to cool) and peel.


A. Place the pre-cut patch over the adhesive making sure the excess adhesive has been removed and threads are running horizontally through the hole or tear, lining up with adhesive on garment. Place second piece of heat release paper over patch.

B. Slowly and with slight pressure, iron over heat release that is on top of patch for a full 30 seconds. Carefully flip the garment ​back to right side out. Place same heat release paper back over patched hole and iron slowly, using slight pressure while moving around the outer perimeter of hole or tear for a full 30 seconds.